Katja Böhme, M.Sc.



2014-2020 Professional training in cognitive behavioural psychotherapy (Institut für Psychologische Psychotherapie und Beratung Berlin e.V.)
06/2014 Master of Science (M.Sc.) in psychology, Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen
09/2011 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in psychology, Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena



Academic and Clinical Positions

since 03/2021 Clinical Psychologist, Oberberg Tagesklinik Frankfurt am Main
since 11/2017 Doctoral candidate, Department of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy & experimental Psychopathology, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
08/2015-10/2017 Research assistant, Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, University Medical Center, Mainz
05/2016-01/2017 Psychological training, Inpatient Clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, University Medical Center, Mainz
07/2014-06/2015 Psychological training, Inpatient Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Department of Personality disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder, Charité Berlin
09/2012-10/2013 Student assistant, Department of Legal and Social Psychology, Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen
05/2010-10/2011 Student assistant, Department of clinical- and psychological intervention, Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena



Scholarships and Awards

11/2017 - 03/2021 PhD scholarship from the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz; Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Michael Witthöft
07/2010 Poster Prize, 5th congress of experiential internship, Jena (Germany) Poster title: "Runter vom Gas? Wenn Plakate, die vor hohem Tempo warnen, selbst zur Gefahr werden"




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Hennemann S, Böhme K, Kleinstäuber M, Baumeister H, Küchler, A.-M., Ebert, D.D., Witthöft, M. (2022). Internet-based CBT for somatic symptom distress (iSOMA) in emerging adults: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, advanced online publication [Full Text]

Böhme, K., Henning, M., Hennemann, S. (2019). Somatoforme Störungen: Medizinisch unerklärten körperlichen Beschwerden auf der Spur. InFo Neurologie & Psychiatrie 21(9), 38-46.

Hennemann S., Böhme, K., Baumeister, H., Bendig, E., Kleinstäuber, M., Ebert, D.D. (2018). Efficacy of a guided internet-based intervention (iSOMA) for somatic symptoms and related distress in university students: study protocol of a randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open,8: e024929. [Full Text]

Beutel, M.E., Böhme, K., Banerjee, M., Zwerenz, R. (2018). Psychodynamic Online Treatment Following Supportive Expressive Therapy (SET): Therapeutic Rationale, Interventions and Treatment Process. Z Psychosom Med Psychother, 64(2), 186-197.

Zwerenz, R., Böhme, K., Wirth, A., Labitzke, N., Pachtchenko, S., Beutel, M.E. (2018). Integration of the work-related online aftercare intervention 'GSA-online plus' (healthy and without stress at the workplace) into clinical practice: study protocol for an implementation study. BMC Health Serv Res, 18:312. [Full Text]


Book Review

Böhme, K. (2019). Therapie- Tools Somatoforme Störungen. Verhaltenstherapie 29(2), 130-131.



Presentations on Conferences

Böhme, K. (2019). Guided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based Internet Intervention (iSOMA) for Somatoform Symptoms: Participant Characteristics and Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial in University Students. 9th World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, (Berlin, Germany, 17.07. - 20.07.2019).

Böhme, K., Hennemann, S., Baumeister, H., Bendig, E., Kleinstäuber, M., Ebert, D. D. & Witthöft, M. (2019). iSOMA – KVT- basierte Online-Intervention für multiple Körperbeschwerden: Studiendesign und erste Ergebnisse zur Feasibility eines RCTs bei Studierenden. 11th Workshop Conference of the German Psychological Society, Section Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Erlangen, Germany, 29.05. - 01.06. 2019). [Poster]

Böhme, K., Beutel, M. E., Becker, J., Rudolph, M. & Zwerenz, R. (2017). Gesund und Stressfrei am Arbeitsplatz (GSA-Online plus) – Umsetzung einer psychodynamischen Online-Nachsorge für beruflich belastete Patienten der psychosomatischen Rehabilitation. 68th German Congress of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy (Berlin, Germany, 22 - 25 March 2017). [Poster]

Böhme, K., Zwerenz, R., Becker, J., Gerzymisch, K. & Beutel, M. E. (2016). GSA-Online plus: Umsetzung einer indikationsübergreifenden internetbasierten Nachsorgemaßnahme zur Verbesserung der beruflichen Reintegration. Reha-Update: Nachsorge in der Rehabilitation (Freiburg, Germany, 25 November 2016).



Research Interests

  • e-mental-health
  • Somatoform disorders and medically unexplained symptoms
  • Personality disorders
  • Psychotherapy process research